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Working with employers across the country to create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces through emotional wellbeing courses hosted on Tessello.

Learners have access to advice and real-life experiences as they explore topics focusing on the consequences of emotional distress. A wide range of digital media resources allow you to learn at your own pace, at your desk or at home. Employees from over 900 organisations have completed the resources, of which:

  • 93% say it has helped them to recognise emotional distress in others
  • 93% now recognise the importance of looking after their own wellbeing
  • 90% now feel more confident approaching someone in emotional distress.

HM Revenue & Customs

In the event of no-deal Brexit, import/exporters needed to know how to carry out new customs declarations processes.

We partnered with 5 training providers and trade organisations for subject expertise and training delivery. Brightwave managed the process of gathering content from the partners, creating the learning curriculum and setting up the delivery systems. Our blended solution included: 

  • A branded Tessello instance for each of the 5 partners
  • 11 responsive e-learning modules
  • Classroom materials and workshops
  • Virtual classrooms and capability building 
  • Campaign collateral, marketing website, social messaging and animations 
  • Weekly reporting to HMRC on activity across the partner network

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent is a UK water company listed on the FTSE 100, providing a vital service amid fierce competition and a strict regulatory environment, which demands ongoing skills and compliance training for their learners.

With this business-critical learning provision spread across multiple legacy systems, Severn Trent decided to consolidate and optimise digital learning in a single platform, Tessello.

The Tessello platform provides the learner a clear and needs-based set of tailored learning experiences, has already shown significant improvement in learner engagement with inevitable knock on benefits for productivity.

  • 109,836 hours of learning completed
  • 64,563 resource launches to date
  • 28,062 resource completions to date

First Rate

First Rate wanted a new, long term L&D approach that would create thought leaders, reveal key players and share knowledge amongst their teams. The talent was there – it just needed unlocking.

We gave them ‘FRESello’, which empowers users to:

  • engage in small specialist communities
  • shine as a subject matter expert
  • feel closer to their leaders
  • access bitesize learning
  • access blended learning content.

We also created digital learning in the form of interactive videos and game-based activities. Since its launch, thousands of comments and replies have been shared in the community and each learner has completed over 80 learning resources.


Unison wanted to boost unity and organisational identity, reflecting the same community feel that they stand for. And knowledge sharing needed to feed into this. The question was, how do you bring together thousands of physically divided staff and activists from one of the world’s largest trade unions?

We developed for Unison their own, branded Tessello platform, known throughout the union as ‘Organising Space’. This platform provides space to problem solve as part of a wide community, keep up to date with the latest headline and campaign information and go from beginner to expert in any skill or discipline.

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