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learning platform

We use digital services every day, so when it comes to a learning platform, we shouldn’t settle for anything less. We expect them to be intuitive. Personalised. Social. Adaptive.

We expect Tessello.

Together we’re redefining learning experiences

The best bits

  • Social & collaboration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Personalised learner experiences
  • xAPI Learning experiences
  • Coaching & Curation
  • Gamification
  • Event management
  • Launch planning and campaigns
  • Systems integrations

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Unison wanted to boost unity and organisational identity, reflecting the same community feel that they stand for. And knowledge sharing needed to feed into this.

Severn Trent is a UK water company listed on the FTSE 100, providing a vital service in a strict regulatory environment, which demands ongoing skills and compliance training for their learners.

In the event of no-deal Brexit, import/exporters needed to know how to carry out new customs declarations processes.

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