To get tessello up and running in your organisation, you simply pay a one off set up fee and an annual license fee. 

The annual license fee is based on the amount of users you require, and starts at just £8 per user.

Our standard tessello set-up fee includes:

  • the full feature set 
  • support from our Product Engagement Consultant in keeping your system afloat 
  • a custom interface based on your branding
  • online training for your administrators

Our annual licence fee includes:

  • monthly learning analytics reports (plus dashboard access for real-time reporting)
  • technical support as and when you need it
  • a top-up training session to support any changes in your administration responsibilities 


Give us a call...

To talk about setting up tessello for your organisation, reach us on 01273 827676 or email

*excludes the cost of the one-off set-up fee