A one stop shop for formal and informal learning

tessello can host formal courses and content but also supports organic learning that happens socially, sporadically and on the go.

It's knowledge wildfire for your business.

4 in 1

Total learning system

We live in the smart era where our favourite gadgets are streamlined, compact and adaptable.

So it's only right that tessello delivers multiple learning tools in one...

.01 Social learning 

tessello creates online communities where learning experiences are shared, discussed and explored, turning novices into experts.


.02 Curation 

'Tin Can’ API technology lets learners save resources and experiences on the go. They can create their own personal information toolkit to come back to when they need - handy for those 'just in time' moments.


.03 LMS

Administrators can upload courses and resources to the tessello cloud to reach their learners on a large scale, tracking progress and completion. 


 .04 Performance support

Easy to design, personalized learning pathways help upskill your employees aginst goals suitable for them. They also bring them closer to their managers, who can feedback on their progress when they get time.



.01 Social learning

Users can belong to a number of communities based on their role, expertise or displine. This means the stuff they share and talk about will be extra relevant to them. 

Just like any social network, the other members are free to comment on or 'like' their posts, turning idle chit chat into big ideas and discussions.

The platform also brings them closer to the top dogs in your business, allowing them to network with department experts and keep up to date with the latest and greatest company news.

This allows you to establish best practice, recognise talent and save time and money.



.03 LMS

Whether it's end to end e-learning courses, training videos, games, policy documents or whatever else, tessello will have a space for it.

Content can be dropped into the tiles that appear on every user's homepage, or into a learning pathway where they can pin their own experiences and comments against it.


.02 Curation

tessello uses a personal activity record areas to track individuals' informal learning activity. They can drop materials into their 'experiences' to come back to later, or against items in learning pathways to show their development.

Because informal learning won't usually happen at a work desk, there is a tessello app which allows learners to capture experiences on the go. So if they stumble upon an interesting article, video or book during a lunch break or on the commute they can bookmark it for later.


.04 Coaching & personalization

Managers and adminstrators can tailor-make learning pathways for particular groups. These are collections of courses and materials that take learners from amateur to expert in a step by step process, making them ideal for inductions. 

Learners can pull in content to show their progress and leave comments for their manager, who in turn, can feed back and coach when it suits them. 


Manage the complete learning journey

Manage the complete learning journey

Most of an organisation's time and L&D budget spend is in the pursuit of formal learning, but this forms only 10% of an organisation's knowledge capital. tessello can provide the 70%, 20% and the 10% because it's a Total Learning System.





10% Formal

Making your job easier...

Managers and curators shouldn't have to waste time getting up to speed with complicated functionalities and processes.

So we designed tessello with the administrator in mind.


Rapid implementationRapid implementation

Because we use the cloud, your total learning and collaboration system can be up and running within your organisation in a matter of days - great if you have existing content to drop in.

Data analyticsData analytics

Not just a pretty interface - tessello gives you top data and insight too. It can show you everything from the number of active learners, to hours spent on content, experiences shared and more.

Easy administrationEasy administration

tessello’s user-friendly admin centre makes managing access, refreshing content and creating reports easy. And if you get stuck, our techies are just a phone call away.

Engagement supportEngagement support

As part of the package, we'll send in one of our community management experts to help you keep your tessello alive. They can help with generating interest and understanding what content to share.


We don’t do cowboy sales - a product should do what it says on the tin. 

We work alongside you to build your tessello community from the ground up. We’ll share our experience in learning and user engagement to develop and sustain your communities.